Tips for preparing your toddler for a 1 year photo shoot🎈 1 årsfotografering

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Booking  It is best to book a session for a one-year-old before your child learns how to walk. Thanks to this we will avoid chasing the baby all over the studio😊 When booking a session for your child, it is … Continued

Post-processing your photos. What happens after the photo shoot?

      The photographer’s work doesn`t end once the photo session is over. We have long hours ahead, which we spend on selecting, editing and retouching your photos. First, your photos will be only preliminarily edited, so that you … Continued

Before newborn photography session. Tips for parents!

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Newborns are best photographed within 5-14 days. During this period baby still remembers womb-like positions and willingly takes them. Baby`s body is very flexible, so it is possible to accomplish all desired cute poses. After the second week of life … Continued

Nyfødtfotografering – det er alltid en god tid til fotosession!

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  Photographing newborns is certainly not an occupation for every photographer. Empathy and patience are needed here. Each session is different because it is impossible to predict the mood and well-being of baby and his mother. Usually on photographer websites, … Continued