Today`s world buisness has to literally produce good quailty photos of products and services on a daily basis in order to feed the social media and websides. Many of the companies, which want and need to update and promote their buisness on Instagram and Facebook must create a source of personalized, professionally taken and edited pictures. My Photography Course for Buisness is a great solution for small buisness owners, who must handle social media themselves as well as for big companies , which want to delegate assigned employees to gain those usefull skills.My course sessions are designed as a combination of theory and practical techniques and can be run in my studio or at your workplace. Classes are held in English language. Let me know your ideas and requirements so I can work out the best solution!


Some of available themes, my training sessions can cover:


  • Food photography for restaurants:

    How to take creative and arranged photos of your tasty dishes
  • Product photography :

    How to create packshots – clean-cut, product-only images on the white background in the shadowless condtions
  • Product photography:

    How to create interesting context images or lifestyle pictures that generates emotional engagement and unique atmosphere
  • Creating your photo studio space

    Advicing you on the most suitable equipement for designated purposes.
  • Creating image strategy for your website & social media

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, intranet use
  • Training in camera use for you or your staff

    ( including smartphones) and in general photography knowledge
  • Site & industrial images



Price per hour/per person: kr 650 + MVA