How to avoid losing your digital files

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Many times I had to answer desperate clients who, along with the failure of their PC, also lost the photos that they ordered from me at the time. Fortunately, I also keep copies of your photos for about 2 years. You can always try to ask me to resend them. However, it is best to rely on proven and diverse ways of preserving your files. Below you will find some of them.

Once you download your pictures to your computer, make sure you immediately back-up and store them preferably in few different places.

Use a USB Flash Drive

USB drives are typically much smaller than external hard drives  and can be used as one of the places to store the most important files

External Hard Drives

Nowadays you have these devices available in different storage capacity, which allows you to keep a copy of your photos and files outside your own computer or laptop. Unfortunately these devices are exposed  to physical damage or viruses.

Upload copies to online cloud service

Cloud is online archive with easy access that can be viewed, uploaded and downloaded at any time. For a start, you can choose a subscription that is free up to a certain capacity such as Dropbox up to 2GB or Google Drive up to 15Gb.

The most important strategy for secure file storage is the variety of places and devices where you store the copies. It can take a long time for photos to be printed, so act immediately after receiving digital photos form photographer.

Tips for preparing your toddler for a 1 year photo shoot🎈 1 årsfotografering

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It is best to book a session for a one-year-old before your child learns how to walk. Thanks to this we will avoid chasing the baby all over the studio😊 When booking a session for your child, it is important to choose the right time when baby is active and happy. Make sure the session isn’t around nap time (and don’t let them nap in the car). If you would like to use the photos for a birthday party invitations, please make sure you book the session well in advance. You will be asked to prepare 2-3 sets of clothes, bring a drink and some snacks for the baby. It will also be smart to bring something that can be used as a small bribe, such as your favorite cookies, raisins or small pieces of fruit. When booking, please mention if you wish to take cake smash pictures. There is no extra charge for this type of photos as long as you bring your own cake.

What to expect

My studio is well prepared for families with small children. I have a lot of toys and props. Children are usually  bit intimidated at first, but at the end of the session, they don’t feel like going home. After your arrival, we let your child take a time and get to know the new place first. The session will last about 45m, a longer time would be too tiring and boring for the child. For this reason, we make many short pauses , we shouldn`t insist on changing clothes more than twice. Getting changed can be unbearable for your baby, who may refuse finally to cooperate😉 Cake smash pictures are being taken at the end of the session. Parent`s  involvement in the session is significant. Nobody knows your child better than you do. You know what most often brings a smile to your baby`s face, so get ready to have fun!

What to wear

Prepare 2-3 sets of clothes for your child. Avoid whites, choose rather muted pastel colours. Please also avoid the patterns and inscriptions if it is possible. The best clothes are those that do not cover much, i.e. short sleeves, shorts, summer dresses, bodysuits, etc. I often photograph babies simply in a diaper. The simpler the better. Norwegian mums and grandmothers are famous for their knitting talent. Such clothes always look great in the pictures😊

It will be good if parents choose clothes in complementary colours( family portrait) They should also avoid whites, logos and big patterns.

Post-processing your photos. What happens after the photo shoot?




The photographer’s work doesn`t end once the photo session is over. We have long hours ahead, which we spend on selecting, editing and retouching your photos. First, your photos will be only preliminarily edited, so that you can make a selection of the photos you like the most. Once I know which pictures you wish to keep, the full editing and retouching process begins. It lasts up to a maximum of 2 weeks, when ready photos are delivered to you.

Each of the services I offer has a form of the package,  that consists of photographing time  and a certain amount of digital photos. At Fotokreativ, you don’t need to pay separately for photographing and extra for the photos. Unlike many other photographers, from whom customers buy ready-made prints, I provide my clients with digital files, from which they can make any number of prints they wish in the size of their choice. In other words, you don’t have to pay each time you want to use the file to make  another print. I believe, this is an excellent and fair thing offered to my clients.

When it comes to retouching photos, I try to make it as delicate as possible. Usually it is just about removing imperfections of the skin or … getting rid of raisins:)  Raisins are just a small bribe, that I use sometimes, mostly during my 1-year sessions. Children love them and they help me to keep my model in one place, especially those, who have already learned to walk.


Before newborn photography session. Tips for parents!

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Newborns are best photographed within 5-14 days. During this period baby still remembers womb-like positions and willingly takes them. Baby`s body is very flexible, so it is possible to accomplish all desired cute poses. After the second week of life babies are more alert and easy to wake up, they move and stretch, so achieving nicely styled newborn shots becomes very challenging. Furthermore, in the first days of life, the newborn does not suffer from colic yet and  sleeps a lot, and this is actually all what we want😊 –  to have your baby sleeping throughout the entire session.

To achieve that and make your session run smoothly:

  • Feed your baby well right before leaving for studio
  • Bring a pacifier, even if your baby does not usually use it
  • Bring a bottle of milk. If you’re breastfeeding, just pump the milk into the bottle
  • You will also need: wipes, diapers, blanket for wrapping and a nappy cloth for feeding or burping
  • Nursing mothers should avoid coffee, black tea, chocolate, citrus fruits and soda, as well as any spicy food, 24 hours prior to the session
  • Do not use oily moisturisers, talcum or ointments & creams containing zinc oxide  on the  babies skin at the day of photo shoot
  • Feeding can be followed by a warm bath shortly before leaving for photo shoot
  • Try to keep your baby bit awake during a car drive on the way to my studio
  • Choose baby clothes, which are easy to unwrap, for example rompers with zip or buttons, instead of those pulled over the head
  • As the session includes portrait of mum & dad with a baby and also a family picture, please try to dress similar colour tones and rather choose clothes that are not to covering and built-up, e.g. something with short sleeves and a larger neckline
I hope, these few tips will help you prepare for your baby`s first photo session, so it runs smoothly and comfortably. I sincerely encourage you to plan and book a session before the expected date of birth to make sure, that I will be available to your family once you come back home from the hospital. See you soon in my studio!
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Klær til fotografering. Tips og inspirasjon…

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What to wear for the photo session? This is the most frequently asked question by my clients.The choice of clothes and colours is one of the most important factors of any photo session.

Harmoniously matched clothing for a couple or a family will determine its success.Once we choose the location for our session, we need to match your clothing and style to the surrounding. It is going to be different choice of outfit for an urban session and for countryside, kept in rustic mood pictures. Before giving you some advice, let me tell you straight away, what you should definitely avoid:

sport`s wear and shoes, big patterns, logos and vigorous colours. We avoid anything what could be distructive. No matter what kind of the session we have planned and whether we have choosen casual or formal & elegant outfit, we need to coordinate the colours in the frame.Harmonious coordination does not always mean matching- blue jeans and white tops for family of 4 might look to matchy:). We would rather think of combination of colours that compliment each other.

Choose no more than two or three colors. Light, neutral colours and pastels always look great (whites, pale pinks, greys, beige, light blue). Prepare some adds for your outfit (scarf, hat, nice neckless or earrings, cardigan or a jacket, that you can put on for few shots)

– choose rather elegant and tidy pair of shoes ( no white shoes or flip flops)

– long trousers for him ( shorts might be good for a beach session)

– clothes should be pressed

– Coordinate your style, consider yourself as a group ( a couple, group photo)

– choose fitted clothing, oversizes will make you look bigger

– long skirts and dresses are always reccomended , will make a woman slimmer and elegant

  However what is the most important, feel comfortable first of all and enjoy the session!


Nyfødtfotografering – det er alltid en god tid til fotosession!

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Photographing newborns is certainly not an occupation for every photographer. Empathy and patience are needed here. Each session is different because it is impossible to predict the mood and well-being of baby and his mother. Usually on photographer websites, we can read that the newborn session is to be performed until the 14th day after birth. I find these rules always pretty awkward, and only established for the photographer’s comfort of work. “Older” newborns might be a greater challenge, because you may not fit them into the basket and you can not expect them to be asleep throughout the session.
Well, life has its own rules and is not always arranged perfectly. Sometimes after delivery, mother with the baby must spend more time in the hospital, or she simply does not feel well .This can not absolutely mean that a newborn photo session becomes impossible. I always ask parents to follow their own comfort and well-being of baby. Also very subjective assessment of a women regarding her own look must be taken into account by the photographer. In my opinion, new moms look just beautiful, even despite of being exhausted and sleepy. Just a delicate make-up, covering up the shadows under your eyes is enough. I avoid the full plan and usually take the portraits of mother with the baby in half-close. I encourage moms to dress loose clothes in light colours. However, the most beautiful clothing in the frame always turns to be just a naked skin, and if we can persuade mom and dad to hug a naked newborn to their body, the effect of such portraits is unforgettable.