Before newborn photography session. Tips for parents!

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Newborns are best photographed within 5-10 days. During this period baby still remembers womb-like positions and willingly takes them. Baby`s body is very flexible, so it is possible to accomplish all desired cute poses. After the second week of life babies are more alert and easy to wake up, they move and stretch, so achieving nicely styled newborn shots becomes very challenging. Furthermore, in the first days of life, the newborn does not suffer from colic yet and  sleeps a lot, and this is actually all what we want😊 –  to have your baby sleeping throughout the entire session.
There are some tips how to achieve that:
  • Nursing mothers should avoid coffee, black tea, chocolate, citrus fruits and soda, as well as any spicy food, 24 hours prior to the session


  • Do not use oily moisturisers, talcum or ointments & creams containing zinc oxide  on the  babies skin at the day of photo shoot


  • Feed your baby 2-2,5 hours before the photo shoot. Once you arrive, you will be asked to feed you baby again


  • Feeding can be followed by a warm bath shortly before leaving for photo shoot


  • Try to keep your baby bit awake during a car drive on the way to my studio


  • Choose baby clothes, which are easy to unwrap, for example rompers with zip or buttons, instead of those pulled over the head


  • If you are not breastfeeding, bring a bottle of milk


  • Bring a pacifier, even if your baby does not usually use it


  • You will also need: wipes, diapers, blanket for wrapping and a nappy cloth for feeding or burping


  • As the session includes portrait of mum & dad with a baby and also a family picture, please try to dress similar colour tones and rather choose clothes that are not to covering and built-up, e.g. something with short sleeves and a larger neckline


I hope, these few tips will help you prepare for your baby`s first photo session, so it runs smoothly and comfortably. I sincerely encourage you to plan and book a session before the expected date of birth to make sure, that I will be available to your family once you come back home from the hospital. See you soon in my studio!