Tips for preparing your toddler for a 1 year photo shoot🎈 1 Ă„rsfotografering

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It is best to book a session for a one-year-old before your child learns how to walk. Thanks to this we will avoid chasing the baby all over the studio😊 When booking a session for your child, it is important to choose the right time when baby is active and happy. Make sure the session isn’t around nap time (and don’t let them nap in the car). If you would like to use the photos for a birthday party invitations, please make sure you book the session well in advance. You will be asked to prepare 2-3 sets of clothes, bring a drink and some snacks for the baby. It will also be smart to bring something that can be used as a small bribe, such as your favorite cookies, raisins or small pieces of fruit. When booking, please mention if you wish to take cake smash pictures. There is no extra charge for this type of photos as long as you bring your own cake.

What to expect

My studio is well prepared for families with small children. I have a lot of toys and props. Children are usually  bit intimidated at first, but at the end of the session, they don’t feel like going home. After your arrival, we let your child take a time and get to know the new place first. The session will last about 45m, a longer time would be too tiring and boring for the child. For this reason, we make many short pauses , we shouldn`t insist on changing clothes more than twice. Getting changed can be unbearable for your baby, who may refuse finally to cooperate😉 Cake smash pictures are being taken at the end of the session. Parent`s  involvement in the session is significant. Nobody knows your child better than you do. You know what most often brings a smile to your baby`s face, so get ready to have fun!

What to wear

Prepare 2-3 sets of clothes for your child. Avoid whites, choose rather muted pastel colours. Please also avoid the patterns and inscriptions if it is possible. The best clothes are those that do not cover much, i.e. short sleeves, shorts, summer dresses, bodysuits, etc. I often photograph babies simply in a diaper. The simpler the better. Norwegian mums and grandmothers are famous for their knitting talent. Such clothes always look great in the pictures😊

It will be good if parents choose clothes in complementary colours( family portrait) They should also avoid whites, logos and big patterns.