Bryllupsportretter i norsk landskapet

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Det var et ekte eventyr! Sammen med Kasia og hennes mann dro vi til Månafossen.Til tross for den sene timen var solen fortsatt høy. Jeg var mest interessert i brede planer for å vise den vakre naturen.




Fotoworkshop i Sandnes

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On 22nd of April I have organized my first Street Photo Workshop in Norway.The weather was typically „norwegian”, but the participants didn`t mind searching around rainy Sandnes for great street frames. First we have discuss over a coffee 🙂 main strategies of street photographering, the meaning of the composition and colour  and other practical tips.  Anja, Marit, Geir , Magda, Ramona, Geir, Kjersti, Tonja and Agnieszka went into the sleepy, Sunday streets of Sandnes to give a fresh look to the places they know so well. Thank you to all of you and hope to see you in the future!Here it is a workshop participant`s gallery. Well done!

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Agnieszka Szaban
Agnieszka Szaban
Anja Smith
Anja Smith
Geir Ludvigsen
Kjersti Øen de Vries
Kjersti Øen de Vries
Kjersti Øen de Vries
Magda Kosowska
Marit Thomassen
Ramona Matuszczak
Tonja Hjøllo

Forlovelse session, Dalsnuten, Norge

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Alexandra & Roland are getting married in July. Just a short drive from Sandnes and we have found ourselves in a beautiful surroudning under Dalsnuten.The hill has an altitude of 324 m and wonderful walking paths around. I have used only one lamp and gold reflector when shooting in a natural light.Great fun, specially when I fell into the hole in a swampy ground. Watch out for the traps there:)

Nyfødtfoto- det er alltid en god tid til foto session!

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Photographing newborns is certainly not an occupation for every photographer. Empathy and patience are needed here. Each session is different because it is impossible to predict the mood and well-being of the child and his mother.
Usually on photographer websites, we can read that the newborn session is to be performed until the 14th day after birth. I find these rules always pretty awkward, and only established for the photographer’s comfort of work. “Older” newborns might be a greater challenge, because you may not fit them into the basket and you can not expect them to be asleep throughout the session.
Well, life has its own rules and is not always arranged perfectly. Sometimes after delivery, mother with the baby must spend more time in the hospital, or she simply does not feel well .This can not absolutely mean that a newborn photo session becomes impossible. I always ask parents to follow their own comfort and well-being of baby. Also very subjective assessment of a women regarding her own look must be taken into account by the photographer. In my opinion, new moms look just beautiful, even despite of being exhausted and sleepy. Just a delicate make-up, covering up the shadows under your eyes is enough. I avoid the full plan and usually take the portraits of mother with the baby in half-close. I encourage moms to dress loose clothes in light colours. However, the most beautiful clothing in the frame always turns to be just a naked skin, and if we can persuade mom and dad to hug a naked newborn to their body, the effect of such portraits is unforgettable.